In my practice for trauma therapy and counseling, I assist people to dissolve inner barriers, allowing  their vitality and uniqueness to blossom.

I have been working for many years in the psychosocial field, I am a pedagogue and a natural health practitioner for psychotherapy. Above all I now help people to cope with trauma using the method “Somatic Experiencing (SE)®“.

If you are suffering from …

  • anxiety
  • chronic pain that cannot be treated medically
  • feelings of despondency or hopelessness,

if you have the feeling that everything quickly becomes ‘too much’, if you have talked about your complaints a lot already without much benefit,
and if you are now ready to take a new step,

then I invite you to contact me.

Trauma is loss of connection.
Somatic Experiencing (SE)® gives me the map to accompany you to where you can relive your connection to other people and the world.

Somatic Experiencing®…

.. regards mental injuries as disorders in the autonomic nervous system that interrupt the natural rhythm between tension and relaxation. This can be seen in many of the body’s signals such as posture, breathing or voice.

By using the body signals, these blockages can be resolved without having to confront traumatizing events. In fact, they don’t even have to be accessible to consciousness.

The dissolution happens in a calm and safe framework, in very careful steps. I will guide you with specific questions to follow your fine body sensations and to track down inner perceptions. I support you in allowing this and perceiving its change.
When this happens, something new arises, a kind of inner background atmosphere that clients often describe as being further or easier than the previous one. From there you can see and approach the challenges and opportunities of everyday life in new ways.